Thursday, February 16, 2017

Patna to Barh

January 28, 2017: Actually, from Gaispur to Barh. As on most days this week, we took the country boat to shore, where we boarded a couple of small buses and drove to sites inland. Meanwhile, the ship sailed downstream for 60-75 km, where we met it in the late afternoon. Combinations of shifting sand bars, early morning very heavy fog, and heavy truck traffic on land often meant that we couldn't reach all of our intended destinations, but each day was fascinating and fun nonetheless.

Fishermen along the embankment

Note our ship, the Sukapha, in the background.

18th C Gola Ghar Granary -- never used because the doors opened inward!

Carving on the exterior of the Patna State Museum

Group leader Prakash Detha with a statue in the Patna State Museum

After reboarding the Sukapha in the afternoon, we continued to sail, 
passing this cremation scene on the bank (ghat).

Rice farmer on the opposite bank

Boat carrying men and cattle upstream

Sand bars that can shift overnight under the water, making navigation challenging

Digging a hole to anchor overnight on a sand bar

Sunset (colors enhanced by the "Romantic Sunset Glow" filter on my camera)

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