Friday, February 17, 2017

Nalanda and Jain Temple

January 29, 2017: Our planned land-based excursions today were to the impressive ruins of Nalanda University and the pretty Pawapuri Jain temple. The main road was blocked by an accident, so we detoured through an interesting village. 

The morning started out very foggy and gray.

A bunch of kids greeted us enthusiastically on the ghat (river bank).

In the village and throughout this part of India, the stalls had great amounts 
of beautiful cauliflowers, a staple of Indian cuisine.

Frying chapatis in the village

A great banyan tree on the approach to the Nalanda University ruins

Impressive brickwork at Nalanda; more photos will come later.

The lacy gate of the Jain temple facing a lake

Rice being harvested and the stalks processed for animal feed

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