Thursday, January 12, 2017

Coimbra Contemporary

We ended our Lisbon-Obidos-Batalha-Tomar drive in Coimbra, the city with Portugal's main university. Like all the rest of Portugal that we've experienced, it's pleasant and picturesque. Coimbra is quite old (the university was established in 1290), but there are modern aspects as well. The pictures in today's post show some contemporary scenes.

Jerseys featuring the football (soccer) hero Ronaldo

Steep street leading up from the main square

Art deco building

University students, in their traditional black capes, giving a concert to raise money for charity

Students holding a bake sale to raise money for charity

Reflecting pool in the middle of a square

Little cafe on the street climbing to the university

Bas relief on the wall of a university building

Outdoor cafe that seems to cater to students

Goods that in most places would be made of leather are here made of cork.

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