Sunday, October 9, 2016

Lovely Morning on Bering Island

Day 11 Sept 22, 2016

Today we took the zodiacs on a cruise along the southwestern coast of Bering Island. The day was sunny and the winds were rather mild. We started by sighting a herd of reindeer feeding on the berries around a small glacier on a mountainside. They were rather small in size as a result of inbreeding on this island after being introduced in the last century. We saw all manner of birds, cormorants, puffins, red-legged kittiwakes, harlequin ducks, pigeon guillemots, as well as a few seals and sea otters. We then moved on to a set of cliffs and reefs with an enchanted canyon that we entered with our zodiacs and saw bird filled cliffs, with corridors to the sea, and, delightfully, two red foxes that were seen touching noses together as they met. We continued on the coast and ended up getting off the zodiac at a waterfall and strolling up the beach. We went back to the ship after a very successful morning.

The afternoon was spent on board with lunch, nap, and lecture cruising back to Kamchatka. Rodney Russ, the owner and expedition leader, talked about the ship, its history, maintenance, logistics, difficulties in dealing with the Russians, and its future.

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