Friday, October 21, 2016

Fish Market and Department Store

Day 24   Oct 4

We decided to have breakfast at the local Starbucks for a change.  Oatmeal with onions and mushrooms!  Interesting.  We set out to learn how to use the subway to go to the Seoul fish market.  It was pretty easy, after we learned how to use the machines (which had an English option).  The subways are really nice; new and efficient.  

We found our way to the fish market; two huge buildings with tanks of live fish and shellfish; really overwhelming in variety, larger than that in Busan.  However, while there were large fish, we did not see the huge tuna, shark, etc. that we had seen in other Asian fish markets.  Are they fished out?   Or did we miss them because they were sold at the auction which happens at 1 AM?

We returned to our neighborhood by subway, and walked to the Shinsegae department store.  It is similar to the Japanese department stores; much designer and upscale merchandise and of course the requisite food and restaurant department in the basement.  We chose to eat nori rolls stuffed with vegetables and tuna salad and chopped spicy meat.  They were good, but unfortunately a few hours later Vic began to feel sick.

We walked around the huge Naemdemon market which is an extensive market with more stuff than I could imagine anyone could need.

After a rest at the hotel, although Vic was feeling queasy we went back to the market at night to have noodles there.  They were very good; fun because we struck up a conversation with some Koreans who spoke English; they had spent many years in Vienna working at a pensione.

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