Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Day 22  Oct 2

After an awful breakfast in the overcrowded hotel dining room, we walked the deserted streets (it was Sunday and a holiday weekend) to Yondusan Park up a bunch of stairs to a nice overview of the harbor; there is a tall tower there as well.  We walked down a circular wooded path to the shopping area and the walked through the busy local market where we found a soccer shirt for Miles and a few ramie food covers for the daughters-in-law.   We walked though the BIFF area (Busan Internation Film Festival) which is slightly more upscale than the local market and down to the fish market.  It was an immense market with many varieties of live fish being sold.

After that we drove to the Yonggungsa temple along the coast built in 1376 during the Koryo dynasty.  Crowded as can be…many tourists and hard to park and walk!  We ate lunch at a tourist restaurant nearby with a long wait but with the intervention of Chris they brought our food which was fine.  Afterwards, we walked a long ways with lots of stairs and shrines to the sea gods and Buddha.   It was a large complex which was very nice along the sea, but the crowds were somewhat overwhelming.

 We went to Camellia Island (Haewundea Dongbaek Island ) next through heavy traffic.  It was more interesting than we thought.  There is a circular path around the island which is heavily planted with camellias and other trees.  Half way around is a round building which was the center of the 2008 APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation) meetings.  It was an interesting building with some information about that innovative meeting.

 We then went to dinner and had a delicious meal of mul hwe;  hwe is Korean sushi and it is served in a rice bowl with Asian pear and noodles.  It was full of flavor; the key is the red bean paste; a fermented red chili and bean paste that was made by the owner.

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