Saturday, October 22, 2016

Last Sights in Seoul

Day 25  Oct 5

After a western breakfast at our hotel, we took the subway again, transferring lines to get to the Korean Museum of Contemporary Art.   Nice shops of contemporary art objects, but the exhibition of the best artists of the year was most interesting.  They were large scale installations, one photographic, one of textile art in multiple frames of issues around the north and south, one of framed items in the shape of a galaxy representing the diversity of Korea, and one a mockup of a studio.  Finally, a well done installation and video presentation about urbanization of rural areas; building over forested areas and flooding by a reservoir and destruction of natural areas.  This is really the story of the economic success of Korea but at the price of destruction of nature.

 We had lunch at the art museum and then went to the other palace, Changdeokgung, built in 1405 during the Joseon dynasty.  It was originally constructed by the grandson of the first Joseon king.  He did not want to live in the original palace because his grandfather had killed the siblings of the second king (who then became a monk).  It was much quieter than the other palace and easier to see.  It is a UNESCO world heritage site; quite a lovely setting.  The layout was very similar to the other palace but more spread out with more park areas.

 We made a last shopping foray to the Insadong craft shopping area, returned to our hotel where we had a western dinner; getting tired of Korean food even though we liked it.

Days 26-27  Oct. 6

Packed and were off to home from Seoul to Seattle and then Portland.  A pleasant and challenging trip to east Asia with much diversity; the wilds and wildlife of Siberia; the far East of Russia in Petropavlovsk and Vladivostok, and the dense urban life with a deep history of South Korea.

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