Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Hamburg Harbor and History

Most of today was spent at Hamburg's harbor (one of the largest in the world), with the late afternoon at the admirable City Museum. No question, Hamburg is a very interesting and picturesque city.

On the walkway from the subway to the tourist part of the harbor, the railing 
was covered by lovers' locks. Perhaps more pinks than in similar installations elsewhere.

The Elbphilharmoie is a gigantic complex of concert hall, hotel, mall,
apartments, and several other things - to be completed in early 2017.

The main interest of the harbor is the huge number of gigantic cranes servicing huge container ships. Seen against an ever-changing, active sky, the scenes are very impressive.

This ship, of which only a fraction is seen, has been sized to JUST fit inside the new Panama Canal.

After our harbor cruise and a lunch, we took the U-Bahn one stop to the 
Hamburg City Museum, which  is very attractively landscaped.

The top floor of the museum has an exhibit on Jews in Hamburg. Not all is solemn,
as witness this photo of a Bar Mitzvah boy fronted by a Mickey Mouse yarmulke.

There is even a reconstruction of a small synagogue.

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