Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Berlin to Hamburg

This morning we took the train from Berlin to Hamburg, where we'll be for the next three days. Waiting in the impressively futuristic Berlin Central Station, I took a few photos.

This view includes several of the large and impressive "Taken with the iPhone 6S" banner photos.

Our hotel is near the large Aussenalster lake. A walk along it showed some
interesting vegetation and a crow silhouetted in a tree.

We walked to the Hamburger Kunsthalle, supposedly the largest art museum in Germany. It comprises two buildings connected underground, one old and one modern. The modern one has a steeply sloped lower wall, which some boys were trying—with only partial success—to run up to get to the walkway level.

The old and the new buildings have strikingly different entry halls.

In the rooms dealing with German Expressionism, we saw the work of a painter I had not known about previously: Anita RĂ©es. On display were several excellent portraits of women, of which this is a good example.

The new building is devoted to contemporary art, such as this neon creation. At intervals of a second or less, the lighting changes, making the arms, legs, and other members appear to move in an amusing fashion.

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