Saturday, July 9, 2016

Cologne: Religion and Art

July 9: Two of Cologne's highlights today. First, the Cathedral:

Soaring high

Gorgeous stained glass, much of it centuries old

Intricately carved statues

A musical service going on, even while most of the church is buzzing with tourists

Outside, a concert by large, unrehearsed amateur orchestra. The Cathedral is a happening.

Second, the Ludwig Museum, close to the Cathedral, one of the best museums of 20th C art in the world.

Distinctive roof-line

Huge pop art painting by James Rosenquist in the entryway

Dramatic display spaces and stairways

A superb permanent collection, and two notable contemporary exhibits of work by politically active Chinese artists Huang Yong Ping

and Xu Bing

To end the day, an excellent dinner at WeinAmRhein, with delightful farm-fresh decor:

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