Friday, July 8, 2016

A Stroll Around Cologne

Today we took a long train ride from Hamburg to Cologne. After checking into our hotel and resting a while, we strolled in our neighborhood around the train station and along the Rhine River.

A short section of one of the many red trains that cross the bridge over the Rhine each hour

Gangplank onto a Rhine tour boat. With the barbed wire, they're serious about keeping people out.

A happy, colorful scene at an outdoor cafe - but note a doleful Charlie Chaplin in the corner.

On their way to a cellists' get-together.

An odd old tower in the midst of contemporary buildings along the river.

Seen in a bookstore window. Ötzi is the nickname of the Ice Man, the 5000 year old mummy found well-preserved in the Alpine ice. One wonders what cooking and baking secrets he might teach.

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