Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Portland Pearl Photographs

I recently completed a project of photographing on every one of the approximately 120 blocks of Portland, Oregon's Pearl District. I was inspired by the examples of Walker Evan's American Photographs and Robert Frank's The Americans, both of which (in very different ways) presented visual surveys of particular places and times in the USA.

Evan's book had 87 photos, and Frank's had 83, so I decided that my book would have 85. I copied these models in format, with photos taken at ISO 400 (to digitally mimic Tri-X) and printed (by Blurb) in black and white in an 8x10 landscape orientation. The main difference is that in the books by Evans and Frank, each two-page spread had only one photo, on the right-hand page. I placed pairs of photos on facing pages, hoping to have them relate to each other, and grouped photos by broad topics.

Over the next several weeks, I'll be posting the pairs of photos on this blog. I start with the front and back covers.

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