Tuesday, May 24, 2016

From Baku to Sheki

Today our bus took us from Baku to Sheki, a city in northwestern Azerbaijan. The long drive was broken up by some interesting stops along the way.

Mud volcanos a few miles outside Baku. They are small (about 10 feet high) and the "lava" 
(a fine clay) is cold, probably bubbled to the surface by natural gas.

Mihrab of a large and impressive mosque in Shemakha

Pickles for sale at a roadside stand in the countryside

Proprietor of an amazing collection of metal objects: 
pots and pans, wheels, samovars, trumpets, etc., all covered in gray dust

Refugee woman baking bread for sale along the road. 
Just out of the tandoor oven, it was delicious.

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