Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Paradjanov and Erebuni

Sergey Paradjanov was a famous surrealist film director and a collagist deserving of equal fame. We visited his Yerevan museum (which also served as his home when he wasn't in Soviet prisons) first thing this morning.

Photo of Paradjanov on a wall in the courtyard

Collection of photo, collages, and painting against a wall,
 typical of the visual richness of the museum

One of the many collages on display


We next went to the ancient ruin of Erebuni 
(from which the current name Erevan or Yerevan is derived.)

Mt. Ararat viewed from the entrance to Erebuni

One of the few remaining cuneiform inscriptions

Archeology team carefully excavating the site (which was restored
in a slipshod fashion in 1968).

Mt, Aragats (a four-cone volcano) from Erebuni

Sophia, our excellent guide, in the Erebuni Museum

Detail of a Soviet-era housing block, seen as we returned to downtown Yerevan

Statue outside the restaurant where we ate lunch

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