Saturday, June 25, 2016

Chinon: Wine and Castle

Chinon (the region) is one of the important, though less well known, wine-growing appellations in France. We toured one of the wineries, Domaine de Noiré, this morning. It's a favorite of the B&B in which we are staying.

The guide showing us the clay vessels in which some of the wine is aged. 
(Most is aged in stainless steel)

Guide pouring samples of the excellent rosé

In late morning we walked up the steep hill behind Chinon (the city) to visit the Chateau of Chinon, A view from the path down to the town showed this colorful plot of wildflowers alongside one of the very old buildings.

The round Fort du Cordray in the chateau complex guards the bridge agross the Vienne River 
which runs through Chinon.

A view from the Fort du Cordray shows the royal flags and the vineyards so important to Chinon.

A view in the opposite direction shows the roofs of the old city along the Vienne.

On exhibit in the chateau is a room in which the Queen's stylish clothing and furs were made. 
On the table is a facsimile of her crown.

Carved on one of the old buildings in Chinon, this mysterious creature.

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