Thursday, June 2, 2016

A Day around Mestia

This was a day to explore around Mestia in the mountainous Georgian region of Svaneti. We first drove about 20 minutes to a hilly farming area.

The mountains in the distance were covered with clouds, and a snowy pass was shrouded in fog.

We encountered this cheerful old woman on our walk. She seemed pleased to see visitors.

On the hillsides there are bushes of beautiful yellow rhododendrons, 
a color we've not seen elsewhere.

After our walk we drove to a mineral springs park just outside Mestia, where we ate a picnic lunch.
A strikingly patterned stone cliff stood above a rapidly flowing stream.

After lunch we went to the splendid Svaneti Museum (voted one of the 20 best museums in the world). The objects were fascinating, and the displays — making great use of colored lights and shadows — were among the most effective we have ever seen. This is a sort of ancient incense burner, perhaps used to deodorize smelly living spaces.

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