Sunday, March 20, 2016

Introduction to London/derry

March 16, 2016: We spent our second day in Northern Ireland in Derry (as the Catholics/Republicans call it) or Londonderry (as the Protestants/Unionists call it). In either case, a very old and interesting city in the northwest of Northern Ireland, and its second largest city (after Belfast).

We began with a city tour guided by this lively fellow, leading us along the walls of the old city.

One of the four ancient gates to the city.

As in Belfast, Derry is divided into Protestant and Catholic neighborhoods, on opposite sides of the River Foyle. The Protestants live on the west side of the river, where the old walled city is located. Signs indicating that the struggle is not over, like the one shown here, are visible.

The Catholics live on the east side of the River Foyle, in more crowded and less prosperous housing.

A mural memorializing a young girl shot, apparently by mistake, during the troubles.

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